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Redcat Racing Earthquake 3.5 Monster Truck Review in 2019

Redcat Racing Earthquake 3.5 review
With the popularity of smartphones and the development of the internet, people grab their gadgets to play an application with ease. But nothing can beat the intensity and excitement of racing. Over the years, monster truck racing has been creating a buzz. Despite the availability...

The History of RC Cars – Most Important Developments

dc dirt car
The RC Car Story Begins in the 1960s The first RC car was invented in 1966 by Elettronica Giocattoli. They were an Italian electronic company that created a Ferrari 250LM that was nitro-powered. The fascination with these small remote-controlled cars caught on quickly, and within...

Best Beginner RC Boats for True Fun – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

beginner boats reviews
Remote control boats are a boatload of fun, so of course, you want one! However, with a ton of things to consider and even more options to choose from, picking the right one is no easy feat. While your initial instincts may be to go...

Top 10 Best RC Drift Cars in 2019 – Comprehensive Reviews

best rc drift cars
Are you looking for a hobby that is bold and fun? Consider owning an RC drift car and getting the thrill that comes with it. The experience will take you back to the days when you were a kid and played with your toys only...

Best RC Excavators in 2019 – In-Depth Reviews

best rc excavator
Having trouble keeping your baby still? Get them a best remote controller excavator and keep them busy as they interact with other children. Toy cars are not only fun but also educational to children. Through playing with interesting remote control excavators, kids gain developmental skills by...

Best RC Rock Crawler – Amazing Buyer’s Guide & Comparison

Remote controlled cars can be so much fun. Try as they may though, there are a few things about them that they don’t offer. For instance, they don’t do well on unusual terrain which makes them boring very fast. Which is why if you are...

Choose the Best Lipo Battery: Ultimate Comparison

lipo batteries review
Did you know that even if lipo batteries have a similar appearance, they all differ in one way or another? Having a good lipo battery lays a foundation of how your remote control model works. Just as we need oxygen to breathe, a remote control...

Best Cheap Drones Under 150 Bucks – Comparison

Thinking of a toy for your kids or yourself perhaps? What about a drone? This of the fun you’ll have playing with it, taking photos and videos. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds that you don’t need to climb a ladder or tree to...

Best RC Helicopter of 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

best rc helicopter
Are you wondering what kind of RC helicopter to give your young one for Christmas? With so much to choose from, you may be confused about which one is actually the best RC helicopter. If you are new to this field, you may not...

Best Short Course RC Truck for the Money – Reviews

Best Short Course RC Truck
Looking to win that trophy or even earn bragging rights among your peers? Race with a short remote control truck and take that ribbon home with you. Most people in this game believe that rubbing is racing. The thrill of the game is to withstand...

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Best Cheap Drones Under 150 Bucks – Comparison

Thinking of a toy for your kids or yourself perhaps? What about a drone? This of the fun you’ll have playing with it, taking photos...
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