TOP 10 Best Beginner RC Planes of 2020 – Comparison


RC planes are a great way to have fun with the family. They come in different sizes and features; selecting one can be a challenge, and that is why we have this review to help you make the right choice.

There is nothing that awakens the child in you than playing with an RC plane. When the weather permits, you can try out your piloting skills with some of these toys. These toys are designed with the original plane in mind. Most are made from durable foam and can withstand some battering.

You can fly your RC vehicle both indoors and outdoors. Whoever said flying is for the experienced was wrong. Most RC airplanes come with different flying modes that enable you to take your skills to the next level.  You can begin as a novice and rise through the ranks to become an expert.

RC planes offer the perfect opportunity to bond with your child. You can have a lot of fun flying and outsmarting each other. This is an in-depth review of top beginner RC planes plus a buying guide on how to choose one.

Best Beginner RC Planes of 2020

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Hobbyzone Sports Airplane

  • Flying height: 200 meters
  • Wingspan: 1210 mm
  • Battery life: 15 min

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Top Race

Top Race Remote Control Airplane

  • Flying height: 100 meters
  • Wingspan: 400 mm
  • Battery life: 15 min

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Funtech 3 Channel RC Airplane

  • Flying height: 200 meters
  • Wingspan: 200 mm
  • Battery life: 15-25 min

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Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver Select Scale Electric Powered Transmitter Ready (Tx-R) Prime Radio Controlled Airplane

Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver

  • Flying height: 200 meters
  • Wingspan: 1510 mm
  • Battery life: 15 min

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GoolRC F949

GoolRC Cessna Control Airplane

  • Flying height: 200 meters
  • Wingspan: 500 mm
  • Battery life: 20-25 min

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HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF Airplane Safe Technology Vehicle

HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF Airplane

  • Flying height: 320 meters
  • Wingspan: 860 mm
  • Battery life: 10 min

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KKmoon F949 2.4G 3Ch RC Airplane Fixed Wing Plane Outdoor toys Drone

KKmoon F949

  • Flying height: 200 meters
  • Wingspan: 700 mm
  • Battery life: 25 min

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TobyRich Moskito

TobyRich Moskito

  • Flying height: 60 meters
  • Wingspan: 220 mm
  • Battery life: 10 min

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E-flite Apprentice S 15e RTF Beginner RC Airplane with Safe Technology

E-flite Apprentice S

  • Flying height: 200 meters
  • Wingspan: 1500 mm
  • Battery life: 15 min

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Wltoys F959

Wltoys F959 SKY – KING

  • Flying height: 200 meters
  • Wingspan: 750 mm
  • Battery life: 15 min

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Hobbyzone Sports Airplane SAFE Technology – Best RC Plane Under $150

If you are looking for a new hobby to try out with your son, then this sports plane is a good choice. If you have never flown a remote-controlled device, then the hobbyzone is designed with you in mind. The innovative SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology put the basics of flying within your control. SAFE enables you to fly the plane in windy conditions without losing the flight.

With multiple inbuilt flight modes, you can take your flying lessons to the next level. In case you lose flight stability while having fun you can gain control through a trigger on your transmitter.

The Hobbyzone is built from foam and has a USB port for fast charging. Hobbyzone has a reputation for making first-class products and won the first place in the Toy Award in the Teenager and Family category in the 2015 Nurnberg Toy Fair.

The Hobbyzone RC airplane comes with a four-channel control with rudder, elevator, working throttle, and ailerons. Control is through a compact 2.4 GHz radio transmitter. You can teach yourself to fly on different terrain with a steerable tail wheel.

The plane’s performance is decent courtesy of a powerful motor.

  • Total flying freedom due to the four channel control
  • Durable Li-Po battery for long flights
  • Innovative SAFE technology helps beginners through multiple flight modes
  • Panic recovery mode with easy to pull the trigger
  • Better ground control through a steerable tail wheel
  • Short battery life

Top Race Remote Control Airplane – Best for Beginners

This is a great RC plane for beginners. This is due to the in-built six Axis Gyro systems that makes it super easy for newbies to fly in. You will notice when you purchase the product that it is fully assembled; all you need to do is load up the batteries, and you are good to go. The plane is lightweight to carry around for trips and has a shock resistant material for smooth rides

The Top Race airplane has enhanced maneuverability due to the three channel control system that gives you throttle, rudder and elevator options. You control the plane through a 2.4 GHz radio control that sends frequencies up to 320 feet.

There is less interference on the signals, which allow more than 20 RC planes to use the airspace. A single charge – which you charge for 90 minutes – gives you around 12 minutes of flying time.

If you are a new pilot, then you are familiar with effects of strong winds on the plane. This vehicle has self-stabilization mode that keeps the plane steady in strong winds. There are three radio control modes; beginner, intermediate and expert. This helps you gradually rise through the ranks as you become more proficient.

  • Three channel control that handles the throttle, elevator, and rudder
  • 2.4 GHz radio frequency for flying up to 320 feet
  • The long-lasting Li-Po battery that supplies 15 minutes of fly time
  • Excellent gliding function
  • It is Lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around
  • Six-gyro system that guarantees easy flying for beginners
  • Three-way radio mode that includes beginner, intermediate and expert
  • Handles well in windy conditions due to the self-stabilization mode
  • Short battery life
  • Being a lightweight vehicle makes it vulnerable to destruction by strong winds

Funtech 3 Channel RC Airplane – Best Choice for Under $100

Searching for some fun during the weekends? Then the funtech RC plane is right for. This vehicle comes assembled to fly, and you do not need to fiddle with components just to set up. You can fly the funtech plane both indoors and outdoors courtesy of its infrared remote control. It uses a 2.4 GHz radio frequency which ensures that you truly enjoy your day out with family and friends.

You do not have to worry about buying an RC plane and having it grounded the next day. The Funtech is made from lightweight materials and a durable EPP foam which makes it stable but at the same time offers a great play for kids.

The foam material used in its construction is hard to break, bend, and crash.

Flying an RC plane has never been this easier if you are searching for an excellent horizontal flight just give the lower throttle some boost and you are set. By spinning any one of the motors, you can bank to the left or the right. You do not need to be a genius or have a pilot license to operate this toy.

  • EPP makes product durable and prevents breakage
  • The airplane is lightweight which makes for better control and flight duration
  • The 2.4 GHz is very responsive and makes for a good flight
  • You can have fun flying the Functech indoors or outdoors
  • Great for beginners
  • Being a lightweight RC plane makes it unsuitable for windy conditions

Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver – Best multi-functional plane

This multi-functional plane can use both floaters and wheels for landing and take-off. You can replace both within seconds. The flyzone comes fully assembled with all the onboard electronics installed; you should be flying and having fun within minutes.

The Flyzone Beaver is made from advanced AeroCell foam that is durable enough to withstand crashes. If though it’s strong it is still lightweight which makes for a smooth ride. The plane is well designed and closely resembles the DHC-2 beaver. It comes with tinted plastic windows that add to its aesthetic feel.

This radio-controlled plane is the perfect choice for anyone who loves flying floating planes. It handles take-offs and landing on the water very well courtesy of its ailerons and flaps that drop hinges.

Just near the fuselage, you have a hatch where the battery compartment is stored. This keeps it dry. The landing gear consists of a bent aluminum that comes with 2.5-inch wheels.

In the package, you will get floats and rudders on floats. The vehicle is suitable for hobbyist makes for some smooth flying. You will however be needed to use you own transmitter, charger and battery packs.

  • You can use either wheels or floaters for landing and take-off
  • Great design with tinted plastic windows
  • Durable Aero cell foam body that withstands breaks
  • Lightweight, that offers a smooth ride
  • Bottom hatch for storing battery
  • Short flying time

GoolRC Cessna Control Airplane – Longest flying RC plane

This RC toy comes in a cool design and is a replica of the Cessna-182 real plane. Its three coreless motors provide the necessary speed to take this plane into great heights. The RC Cessna is not easy to destroy due to the EPP composite material that it is made of. The plane is suitable for beginners and intermediate flyers.

You can fly the plane indoors or outdoors. Its 2.4 GHz radio remote is capable of operating the vehicle in heights of up to 200m. The rudder volume size adjustable enables you to do various stunts with the plane including; 360-degree rotations, loops, fine-tuning, and spiral movement.

The 500-mah LiPo battery gives you around 20 to 25 minutes of flying time; you get two batteries with a purchase. The V-shaped wings give the device a smooth and stable flight. The three-channel control has a rudder, elevator, and throttle capabilities. This is easier to handle than the 4-channel control that comes with aileron.

The plane is light which makes it not breakable when you are trying out flying. You can disassemble the wings for storage. So far, this is one of the longest flying RC planes we have experienced.

  • Powerful motor gives agility and speed
  • Three channel control with elevator, rudder, and throttle
  • 20 to 25 minutes flying time on full charge, batteries come in twos
  • Rudder volume size adjustable enables you to perform impressive stunts
  • Lightweight design provides for a smooth flight and prevents damage to the product
  • Made from durable EPP composite materials
  • Has a problem with the landing gear
  • It cannot handle windy conditions.

HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF Airplane – Good Product Under $200

This is an ideal choice for beginners due to its SAFE technology. You get four modes in which to learn how to fly RC planes. As you become more proficient you can go to the next mode. This is in addition to the full four-channel controls that put the learner in the driver’s seat. You will find most of the controls in a normal plane. If your toy gets lost you can get it back to level flight and stable mode by just pressing the “panic” button.

The plane is constructed from durable Z-foam which makes it sturdy. In case you do break some parts you can easily get back on the air with simple glue modifications.

This vehicle is not just for beginners, those with prior flying experience will find the expert mode more to their liking. This mode is supported by the innovative AS3X gyro stabilization system.

The transmitter uses the 2.4 GHz DSMX which can also be used in other Spektrum products. The plane flies smoothly and limits rolls which keeps the pilot in control of the device at all times.

  • The SAFE mode is great for beginners to learn how to fly
  • Get your vehicle back on track with the panic button
  • Smooth plane to fly in with few rolls
  • Four channel controls give the user more options
  • Constructed from durable Z-foam material
  • Innovative AS3X gyro stabilization technology
  • Short flying time

KKmoon F949 – Most innovative Airplane

This RC plane is built with the Cessna – 182 in mind. You can fly it both indoors and outdoors with a flying range of up to 200 meters. The 3 coreless motor gives you the necessary power to cruise through the skies. The plane is suitable for both beginners and intermediate users; it has easy to use controls that shorten your learning time.

KKmoon F949 is made from durable EPP foam material that does not break easily. You can do cool stunts with the rudder volume size adjustable like loops, 360-degree rotations, fine-tuning and spiral movements.

It comes with a Li-Po battery that uses a 2.4 GHz frequency; this charges for about one hour with a flight time of 25 minutes on good weather.

The plane is simple to fly and stable. It is the perfect choice for someone who has never operated an RC plane. However, it can easily be blown away by strong winds and you need to observe the weather before taking it out. The foam body is very sturdy and you can fix broken parts with simple glue.

  • Good for beginners and intermediates
  • EPP foam makes this product durable
  • Long flight time of 25 minutes
  • Can take off without the wheels
  • Lightweight for better maneuverability
  • Control distance of up to 200 meters
  • Batteries are not long lasting

TobyRich Moskito – Best Cheap RC Plane Under $50

When it comes to innovation then the tobyrich moskito is in a different class. This RC plane is controlled through an App on your smartphone. You fly it through intuitive hand movements that are recognized by the app.

For added gaming experience you can attach the joystick that comes with the plane onto your smartphone. You can download the app for iOS or Android phones.

The vehicle has three levels of difficulty, which come in handy for first-time flyers. It is made of crash proof EPP foam material. Once fully charged you should have up to 12 minutes of fly time. The plane is intuitive and easy to control.

It comes assembled to fly and you can do that indoors or outdoors. It has a maximum flying range of 60 meters. The Li-Po batteries take 20 minutes to charge. If you are a beginner then you will find the Moskito tutorial flight-school app very helpful and you will be a pro within no time.

You get five LED blinking lights for visibility. The apps is compatible with newer iPhones and Android phones with Android 4.4 or higher.

  • Get to fly your vehicle at the comfort of your smartphone
  • Made from crash proof, durable EPP foam
  • Become a pro through the Moskito tutorial flight school app
  • The app is compatible with most IPhones and Android phones
  • Offers smooth and stable flight
  • Five LED lights for maximum visibility
  • Joystick for easier control
  • Low fly range
  • Cannot handle slight winds due to its lightweight

E-flite Apprentice S – Most suitable beginner plane

This plane has been designed with SAFE technology to help beginners get the ultimate flying experience. With the SAFE technology you have elementary flight control and training. You get to begin flying with an instructor as you gain experience. The Safe mode consists of beginner, intermediate and expert.

You also have the AS3X technology assisted flight that helps the flyer with handling and precision.

The panic mode enables the flyer to get the plane into a safe flying attitude in case you lose control. The vehicle is made from sturdy Z-foam material that can handle crashes with ease. If you do lose some parts you can refit them with everyday glue.

The plane is lightweight and offers a memorable flying experience. The 840Kv brushless motor gives the plane cruising speed. You will find everything you need in the package. The plane comes assembled meaning you should be flying in minutes.

  • Z-form material that can handle crashes
  • AS3X technology for added precision and flight control
  • SAFE technology helps beginners learn how to fly planes
  • Very stable and swift
  • Panic mode for instances when you lose control
  • Short flight time

Wltoys F959 SKY – KING 2.4 GHz 3 CH Radio control – Good for for Small Park

This great looking plane comes with a three-channel backward pusher glider which ensures a smooth and controlled flight.

The F959 is easy to control and is great for beginners. If you decide to do some gliding then you can fold the propeller and reduce resistance. The remote control has 360 degree turns, turn right and left, down, forward, and up buttons.

The plane is made from sturdy EPO material that is crash resistant. The 300 mAh batteries take an average of 30 to 40 minutes and you should see a flying time of 15 minutes at an altitude of around 200 meters. You can observe the control surface trim and battery charge from the transmitter display.

This is an excellent plane for anyone who has never handled RC planes before. It comes fully assembled and you should be in the air within minutes. In case you have some broken parts you can always use some glue to fix it. Looking for something worthwhile to do with your son during the weekend then try out the SKY king control plane.

  • Great design
  • Made from durable EPO material
  • Easy to operate
  • You can perform some stunts like 360 degrees
  • Foldable propeller for gliding
  • Limited in cool features

Best Beginner RC Plane in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Factors to consider when buying RC plane

If you are new to RC planes then the first experience determines whether you continue with the hobby or abandon it. If the plane lacks features to help beginners then you will have challenges controlling the plane. Most of the RC planes are designed with the actual plane in mind.

Plane design

You will need to be very careful about the type of material that the RC plane is made from. Sturdy materials include EPO, EPP foam; these are flexible and can withstand most of the crashes. While a good looking plane is good you should carefully check how stable it is. One place to look at is the location of the wing. the best planes are the high winger; this has the wing sitting on the fuselage.

This gives the plane a lot of stability. The fuselage absorbs most of the plane hence giving it a lot of stability. when you are learning how to fly then the plane needs to turn itself back into position after making a wrong turn.

V-shaped wings

The next thing you need to look at is the dihedral shape of the wings. This is the upward position of the wings, which creates a V-shape when you view the wings from the front. The more the V-shape the more stable the plane is. The fuselage helps to reduce the center of gravity of planes and contribute immensely to the stability of the plane.

rc plane

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When it comes to power you can decide to go with either an Internal combustion unit or an electric powered plane. Both have pros and cons. Let’s start with the EP plane. This is usually small, lightweight planes that are easy to fly. If you are a beginner then this would be the perfect plane to start with. It is cost-effective, produces less noise, and can be used in most public places.

The internal combustion engine/glow plug comes with an engine that requires fuel to run it. While you have higher power and cruising with the engine it comes with the drawback of higher maintenance and noise levels. The planes are larger than the EP planes and due to the noise levels, you can only fly them in private lands. You may also require a license to fly them.

Remote channels

Most of the RC planes come in three channel radio control.  This includes rudder, elevator, and motor. Some models will replace the rudder with ailerons. While there are two channel RC planes, they are easy to control and lack many features. Some planes have four channel controls which include both rudder and ailerons.

Technology has led to the development of RC planes with SAFE modes that enable beginners to learn how to fly planes. Most of the SAFE modes have three flying modes that have flying tutorials. As you become more proficient you can rise through the ranks.

Kit Assembly

When you get a plane with a kit then you will have to assemble the components from scratch by following the manuals provided. This assembling can be satisfying for some but it is time-consuming. Instead of having fun immediately, you are stuck completing your plane. The other option is the Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) planes.

This comes re-assembled and you will need to do is add the motor, battery pack and you are good to go. This does not require any skills, just follow instructions from the manual provided. While the ARF is, 90 percent assembled, the Ready to Fly (RTF) is 100 percent ready to fly. You do not need to install the motor and radio, all you need to do is charge the battery and start having fun.

Availability of spare parts

Ensure that the brand form which you are buying your RC plane have ready spare parts. It can be irritating when you have started having fun with your RC but are unable to find spare parts for broken parts. Check also for RC planes that come with a warranty.

Flight time

RC planes running on electric power have limited flying times. Most have average flying times of between 15 minutes to 25 minutes. In order to have maximum fun select one with the longest lifespan. Advancements in technology especially in the batteries will bring in better speeds and longer flight times. But, if you are looking for crazy speeds and can handle the noise then go with the internal combustion engines.


If you are new to RC planes then you will need a plane that is sturdy enough to withstand frequent crashes. Some of the durable materials used include EPP, EPO, and Z-form.

airplanes guide

How to fly RC plane for the first time

Flying an RC plane for the first time can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. While you do not to be enrolled to flight school to fly one there are a couple of flying tips that you will need to look at.

  • Plane transmitter: before you send your plane to the skies ensure that all the components are in place. Use the plane transmitter to check the rudder and elevator controls. Check the weather conditions if you plane to fly the plane outdoors. Most of the RC planes are made from lightweight material and can easily be carried away by strong winds.
  • Charge Batteries: most of the small RC electric powered planes use batteries to fly them. When you purchase an RC plane make sure that you fully charge the batteries. This will take an average of 30 to 60 minutes depending on the type of batteries. When fully charged the batteries can run the motor for 15 to 25 minutes before the next charge. You can purchase extra batteries for longer flying times.
  • Range check: while you can find information about the range of the manual it is advisable that you take your plane outside and fly your plane at different ranges. You can begin with 100 meters and increase this gradually. You will discover that the stated ranges are often overstated or understated. While you check the range use a ribbon or piece of cloth to determine the strength of the winds. Place the ribbon on the plane’s antenna and if you notice that it is at a 20-degree angle then you can start flying. But, if it is parallel to the ground then you will need to check your luck another time.
  • Sensitivity: while you are a beginner be sensitive with the controls. By using the controls lightly you are able to better understand the plane movements and avoid crashes. High speeds are exciting but you will get there the more practice you put into your movements. Try to fly the plane parallel to the ground when training. When landing, reduce the throttle and the plane should smoothly glide to the ground. This requires practice so do not give up if you fail in your first attempts.

Final thoughts

After considering all these factors we clearly have a winner in the best beginner RC plane. The Top Race Remote Control Airplane wins this race. It offers the great flying range at 320 feet while remaining stable and easy to control. RC planes are a great way to have fun with family and friends.

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