Best Brushless RC Motor for Cars and Quadcopters – Reviews 2020

Brushless RC Motor

Once you have interacted with any RC product on the market, you have seen either brushed or brushless RC motors in action. Like car engines are central to the ability to function, motors are the central piece of any RC product.

The movement of the motor converts energy to motion, which allows for both speed and movement in the required proportion. You may be looking to choose a motor for one of several reasons. Maybe you are working on your own RC project, and you need an RC motor that you can place your confidence in.

Best Brushless RC Motors – Comparison Table

Below is a quick comparison of the seven items to be reviewed below. From here, you can get a high-level overview of what each brushless motor has to offer.

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GoolRC 2435 4800KV 4P Sensorless Brushless Motor

GoolRC 2435 4800

  • Application: Cars, Trucs
  • Features: Fits for 1/16, 1/18 cars
  • Fast response
  • Mutiple protection features

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Jrelecs 3674 1900KV 4 Poles Sensorless Brushless Motor for 1/8 Monster Truck RC Car (3674 1900kv)

Jrelecs 3674

  • Application: Cars, Trucks
  • Features: 50000 RPM
  • Hi-torque
  • Balanced rotor

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Axial AX24007 55T Rock Crawler Electric Motor, Silver/Orange

Axial AX24007

  • Application: Crawlers
  • Features: Perfect for RC Rock Crawlers
  • Bullet connectors
  • Incredible low-end pull

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Goolsk SURPASS High Performance 2216 880KV 14 Poles Brushless Motor for RC Airplane Fixed-wing

Goolsk SUPRASS 2216 880KV

  • Application: Flight
  • Features: Low price
  • Precision balanced rotor
  • Mutiple protection features

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iFlight 4pcs XING 2208 1800KV Brushless Motor 6S for QAV FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter

iFlight XING CAMO 2207 1800KV

  • Application: Flight
  • Features: Dynamic balancing
  • High-quality parts
  • Motor wire protected

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GoolRC Upgrade Waterproof 3660 3300KV Brushless Motor

GoolRC Upgrade Waterproof

  • Application: Trucks
  • Features: High powered
  • Waterproof design
  • Mutiple protection features

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4PCS 2300KV 2204 Brushless Motor CW&CCW For Quadcopter FPV Drones

Hobbysky 4PCS 2300KV 2204

  • Application: Flight
  • Features: Lightweight construction
  • 100% balanced
  • Decreased vibration

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Motor Types

Brushed and brushless motors are the only ones that exist. While some persons may argue that there are others, they all fall under the category of either brushed or brushless. The difference lies in the way the energy conversion mentioned above takes place. To make it simple, the brushed motor uses an impact to transfer the current using “brushes” made of metal. No physical contact takes place in the brushless alternative, as the motor is rotated electronically.

The Intended Audience

The focus of this article is the brushless alternative as its lack of impact and architecture makes it the better alternative of the two. As it is more powerful, it is better suited for projects that require power and speed. Note that brushless motors are also more expensive, so if you can afford the performance and you need it, feel free to pick one up.

What if the prior statement doesn’t describe you? This means you’re either on a tighter budget, you don’t need the performance or both. In this case, you’re better off grabbing a brushed motor. These motors are also better for those who are just jumping into the RC world for the first time. A good motor for you, in this case, is the Traxxas Brushed 550 motor. It is shipped with a 48P 19T with Set Screw.

GoolRC 2435 4800 KV 4P Sensorless Brushless Motor – The Easiest Installation You Can Have

GoolRC 2435 4800KV

The first thing that stands out about this motor is its replaceability and removability factor. It is easy to replace as it can easily be moved in and out of place when necessary.

The installation is so intuitive and uncomplex that it can be completed in no time. The GoolRC 2345 Sensorless Brushless Motor is universal and, therefore, it can fit 1/16 and 1/18 brushless car multi-mounting systems. This requires M2.5 screws that are not included with the device.

The rotor has a precision-balanced design, which is built to maintain consistent operation. Getting the maximum RPM out of your motor is essential; however, there’s no point in doing so unless it can be reliably done in a sustained manner. This is where the rotor design comes into play.

This motor is built to guarantee a high level of energy conversion, which is great for those ambitious projects with a need for speed. Once it is used within reason, chances are it fits your needs perfectly. Note, however, that factors such as grassy terrain, drivetrain drag, gearing excessively, or placement in larger vehicles can result in your pushing of the motor to its limits. Keep this in mind, so you don’t end up accidentally burning it up because of an improper application.

Based on the information above, should you buy this? It comes highly recommended for its simplistic installation and performance potential.

  • Consistently high performance
  • Ships with electric speed controller
  • Once the system is geared properly, getting it to cog is very unlikely
  • Motor doesn’t get excessively hot assuming application is acceptable
  • Great value for the price
  • Installation is quick
  • 5 screws required for mounting are not included
  • Bundled ESC is not waterproof

Jrelecs 3674 4 Poles Sensorless Brushless Motor – The Most Solid Construction

One of the first things that stands out about this one from Jrelecs is the fact that it is very well built. It is very affordable, and the build quality is comparable to a motor that far exceeds the price.

The design has efficiency built-in along with the potential for high torque, which is great for adding just the right touch of power to your project.

This motor boasts a universal fit as it is applicable to the car multi mounting systems of any 1/8 RC application. M3 screws are required for the mounting procedure.

This Jrelecs motor is built from an aluminum alloy, which has a premium feel. This alloy is made with the assistance of the most recent CNC milling machines. This design lends itself to a stellar performer as it allows for high power output and rotation speed. A precision-balanced rotor is used, which provides a high-reliability factor along with this power. This allows for a longer run time than many other motors on the market.

  • Exquisite premium build quality
  • Installation is not very complex
  • Rotation style is both smooth and quiet during operation
  • Motor has a torque boost, which adds to its power
  • Overheating may occur though it is unlikely
  • Lack of wire in comparison to other models

Axial AX24007 55t Rock Crawler Electric Motor – The Greatest Rock Crawler Experience

Axial AX24007

The next entry on the list is noticeably on the quieter side of the spectrum. When you look at it, you really expect more of a kick in the sound department but prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the low noise level. Speed is not always the priority in RC projects, and this motor is for those who are looking for something a little different.

What if instead of fast movement, you want something with a slow and even pace?

Maybe you’re looking for something that can give an immersive experience as your RC truck climbs over rocks. With a greater low-end pull and less speed than that of stock 27 turn motors, this motor can provide the off-road experience that you desire. Anything running on this motor has a look of both grace and power as it crawls over obstacles with confidence. The torque is awesome as well, which allows the motor to stay cool as it operates.

Of course, you can infer that this is best for those who are building RC trucks and vehicles on the bigger and stronger style. If RC cars are your thing and you prefer speed, then this motor may not the best purchase you could make. In such a case, feel free to opt for one of the other motors on this list that are better suited for performance in the speed department. Based on this engine’s build and its intended purpose, this may be the definitive scaled crawling experience if one were ever available.

  • Provides an authentic scaled crawling feel
  • Incredible low-end pull
  • High torque for those projects that recover it
  • Custom built and exclusively designed for rock crawlers
  • No soldering is required as it is shipped with bullet connectors
  • Doesn’t heat up quickly
  • High durability factor
  • Price is very affordable
  • Slower speed than other motors such as stock 27 turn motors
  • May not perform well until broken in

Goolsk SUPRASS High Performance 2216 880KV Brushless Motor – Providing the Optimal Quadcopter Experience


The next entry on the list features a high-performance design that is well suited to quadcopter implementations. This motor from Goolsk prominently features 12 slots, 14 poles, and high torque.

The design implements high purity copper windings. Not only do these give a tremendous boost to the flight speed that can be achieved by quadcopters using the motor, but it also ensures that maximum efficiency is realized.

The precision-balanced engineering approach used in the design is responsible for this as it ensures that the motor can provide a high level of energy conversion, which results in a high capability where motion is concerned. Therefore, an optimal mix is achieved that allows for a longer battery life, which makes for longer flight time.

Additionally, the motor is built with very thin laminations, oversized bearings, and a CNC machined billet alumina heat sink can. This combination allows for a high maximum RPM as well as even more efficiency, as well as impressive reliability. The price is also very competitive. All of this makes for an experience that can only be described with the words smooth and powerful.

Of course, quadcopter implementations are not the only things that this motor can be used in, though it is well suited for them. People have also been known to use these motors in other projects such as planes and even fighter robots.

Are you looking for a versatile motor that performs efficiently and can be used in a variety of projects? If so, then this may be the one you want to go with. It’s a pretty strong engine, so if you’re looking for something that’s on the mild side, probably you should get something with a little less power. There’s no denying that the price also makes it quite a steal.

  • The price is very budget-friendly
  • The design lends itself to a high level of efficiency in performing
  • It is quite reliable
  • Maximum energy conversion is achieved thanks to the precision rotor
  • Flight time is extended because of the battery life
  • Build quality is a bit on the fragile side.
  • Possibly shipped with incomplete mounting hole fabrication
  • No variation in color choice.

iFlight XING CAMO 2207 1800KV 3-6S Brushless Motor – The Best Combination of Quality Materials


The next entry on the list comes from the iFlight XING series, which is both named and developed by Patrick Xing, who is an FPV pilot and specialist. iFlight is known for producing high-level motors, and this one combines that design with Patrick’s expert technical prowess.

The motor offers a combination of high power, high thrust, and low weight. Support 6S is one of the defining characteristics of this XING entry. The build consists of windings that are high temperature resistant.

The windings surround N52H magnets of high quality, and they also surround a titanium alloy shaft. This combination allows you to really push the motor to its limits without having to worry too much about potentially destroying it.

This incredible combination of materials allows for a sturdy structure with an excellent performance capability. Durability and friction are very important, and these are promoted by the contact surface’s non-slip design between the propeller and the motor. Heat buildup is also mitigated thanks to the implementation of a multi-hole design that is centered around heat dissipation. This works by continuously pulling heat away during operation.

iFlight has a rigid set of standards that motors need to show in their design. This one passes the highest such standards in both the areas of assembly procedures and manufacturing. As a result, the motors are dynamically balanced, effectively eliminate vibration, and they also benefit from crush resistance.

To bring this all together, the high-quality materials and design provide for a level of performance that can only be accurately described as beastly.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality flight motor for a reasonable price, then this one may be your best bet.

  • High-quality parts are used for a premium look and feel
  • Heat dissipation hole design prevents damage from heat buildup
  • Operational noise is kept to a minimum
  • Dynamic balancing is used
  • Vibration elimination is effective
  • Build quality lends itself to durability
  • Includes a hardware set to help you get going
  • Application possibilities are not very versatile
  • Screws shipped are not optimal length

GoolRC Upgrade Waterproof 3660 3300KV Brushless Motor – The Waterproof Sensation

GoolRC Upgrade Waterproof

The next entry on the list comes from GoolRC, and it is the 3660, which is a  brushless waterproof motor. This motor is compatible with bigger RC projects, such as trucks.

Be that as it may, it is not suitable for crawling like the Axial AX24007 55t Rock Crawler Electric motor that was discussed above. Not only does it not have a drag brake setting, but the speed output of this motor is a bit high for crawling purposes.

If you are looking to make your bigger RC vehicle go fast, however, then this is the motor for you. Based on its scale compatibility, it is suitable for 1/10 scale RC projects. The motor has a high torque along with a 12 pole and four slot composition.

The design of the motor lends itself to both efficiency and performance. The efficiency enhancement comes from the inclusion of high purity copper windings. Performance is enhanced by balanced precision engineering. This allows for the best possible energy conversion, as well as a stellar battery life. Additionally, the precision-balancing means that the motor is reliable, smooth, and can achieve a high maximum RPM.

In terms of operational considerations, the motor is built with low voltage cut off protection, throttle signal loss protection, as well as protection from overheating. The product is shipped with a waterproof brushless ESC. The waterproof design is perfect for the tackling of wet, muddy conditions.

  • Waterproof design gives more leeway with wet conditions than other motors do
  • Precision-balancing makes for efficiency and great performance
  • ESC is shipped with the motor
  • Powerful and allows for high speeds
  • Multiple protection features built into the design
  • Motor is very high powered
  • ESC is not completely waterproof as extensive submersion could present challenges
  • Possible heat issues even with overheating mitigation design

Hobbysky 4PCS 2300KV 2204 Brushless Motor – The Exquisitely Designed Multi-copter Motor

4PCS 2300KV

The final entry on the list comes from Hobbysky, and it is specialized for flight application. It is designed for min 180, 210, 220, and 250 RC multi-copters.

The motor features both CCW and CW propeller adapters, which means it is held firmly in place. Another benefit of this is that the possibility of vibration occurrence is greatly reduced.

Quality control is the order of the day here, and this is evident in the exquisite CNC machining design, which reflects both user taste and position. This Hobbysky motor is 100% balanced, and it lends itself to longer flight durations and better flight performance. The flight length is also a result of the 3S batteries used, which also rotate the propellers up to a thrust of 440G.

  • Incredible flight performance
  • Increased flight duration
  • Lightweight construction
  • Aesthetically pleasing build
  • Though vibration reduction is built into the design, it can occur to a minimal level
  • Shaft can encounter a bit of bouncing

Best Brushless RC Motor in 2020 – Buyers Guide

Now that you’ve seen the products, it’s time to discuss the considerations behind them that may factor into your decision.

  • Application

One of the most important things in choosing a motor is the application for which it is needed. Some motors, such as the iFlight XING CAMO 2207, are suited to flight applications. While you can use a motor for something other than its intended purpose, you don’t get the benefit of the features when you. Ensure you pay attention to the designated purpose of the motor before you make a choice.

  • Precision-balancing

This weighs heavily on the performance of the motor. A precision-balanced motor is a better performing motor. This engineering technique allows for efficient operation. This means that the motor can endure sustained use without compromising its smoothness or its reliability. The balancing technique also has benefits where battery life is concerned.

  • Scale Compatibility

Ensure you pay attention to the scale compatibility that the motor is best suited for. An improper scale selection can present building, performance, and clearance issues for your RC project, which compromise the effectiveness of the finished product.

  • Heat Mitigation

Like most electronic equipment, brushless RC motors are susceptible to heat damage. The caveat is that heat is generated within their normal course of operation. The onus is, therefore, on the product creators to put the required measures in place to tackle any issues that could arise surrounding heat. iFlight, for example, uses a multi-hole system to continuously pull heat away from the motor as it works. Pay attention to the inclusion or lack of heat mitigation measures as these could be the difference between a working motor and an explosion.


The question of the best brushless RC motor is not as simple as it sounds. Since the motors have different applications, it becomes a case of comparing apples to oranges. While some base features are constant, for the most part, the builds are specialized based on the application.

Therefore, instead of trying to ascertain which motor stands above all others, consider your specific needs before making your selection, and choose one that best aligns with said needs. Hobbysky, for example, has a pretty neat brushless motor that was discussed above. It offers great flight performance and good flight duration. However, none of this is useful if you’re building a crawler.

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