Best RC Excavators in 2020 – In-Depth Reviews

best rc excavator

Having trouble keeping your baby still?

rc excavator reviews

Get them the best remote controller excavator and keep them busy as they interact with other children. Toy cars are not only fun but also educational for children.

Through playing with interesting RC vehicles, kids gain developmental skills by using senses such as touch during hand-eye coordination for their intellectual growth.

Excavator toys are good for exercise as well as helping captivate kids’ hands-on brain power. They learn how to operate digging functions.

Different RC excavators are designed to be used by kids of all ages depending on how complex or simple they are designed.

So let’s dive into our top list!

Best RC Excavators of 2020

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Top Race

Top Race Excavator TR 211

  • Scale: 1:14
  • Number of Channels: 15
  • Recommended age: 8 years+

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Double E 17 Channel RC Excavator

  • Scale: 1:16
  • Number of Channels: 17
  • Recommended age: 6 years+

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Toydaloo RC Excavator

  • Scale: 1:45
  • Number of Channels: 7
  • Recommended age: 3 years+

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Wolvol Big Electric RC Excavator

  • Scale: 1:18
  • Number of Channels: 14
  • Recommended age: 3 years+

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Big Daddy Tractor Toy

  • Scale: 1:16
  • Number of Channels: 14
  • Recommended age: 5 years+

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Fistone 15CH 2.4G

  • Scale: 1:16
  • Number of Channels: 15
  • Recommended age: 8 years+

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PowerLead Ptco T009

  • Scale: 1:20
  • Number of Channels: 17
  • Recommended age: 3 years+

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Think Gizmos

Think Gizmos Building Kit

  • Scale: Variable
  • Number of Channels: 8
  • Recommended age: 6 years+

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Get lost in the world of creative imagination by buying yourself a remote control excavator even as an adult. These toy trucks take you back to the days when games were all about playing with mud to construct interesting designs.

Building blocks to make an excavator helps you relax as you enjoy this awesome experience. Ladies also use these devices for decorative purposes. They place the exquisite designs next to the TV making it stand out from the rest of the furniture.

Top race 211 Remote control excavator – Best in 2020

Top Race 15

This toy helps your young ones develop vivid imaginations as they learn how to assimilate new information.

Kids that play with top race toy trucks develop confidence in building stuff on their own. Top race remote control excavator helps kids learn how to calculate by using small muscle groups.

This RC construction vehicle has the ability to hold heavy loads. Experience operating heavy machinery with a realistic excavator replica. It is highly recommended for children above the age of eight years.


Top race remote control excavator is built to 1.14 scale. It contains 3 different motors that are highly powered to control each part of the arm. Each motor is designed to perform a particular function. The first motor controls the shovel giving it the ability to move up and down. The second motor controls the arm’s elbow part while the third motor controls the main arm for it to move in all angles. The motors are attached to the digging arm of the top race machine.

It also has a 680 degrees workbench for you to dig up from any direction. A metal shovel allows you to dig on hard soil while moving material to your construction set up. This toy track contains heavy-duty rubber track tires which prevent skidding while your tractor is digging up.

The size of the track is 14’’ long × 7’’ wide and 10’’ tall. This machine charges for a maximum of 80 minutes allowing you to play for about 20 minutes on a full charge without stopping. You don’t have to invest in a bushel of batteries that die since top race excavator provides you with rechargeable batteries. The metal bucket is hard enough for it to hold up sand when you are playing along a beach. It is recommended for people above 7 years.

  • It is simple to use since buttons contain diagrams creating a clear picture in a child’s head.
  • The model has an outstanding performance by digging like an actual excavator
  • Ability to save energy due to the presence of a battery and battery charger
  • Good rotation abilities of this machine help you maneuver in any desired direction.
  • Its ability to dig deep makes the gear strain. This reduces durability.
  • Moving around carpets with a top race remote control excavator can be challenging for young ones.

Double E 17 Channel RC Excavator – Best under $100


Let your kids enjoy roleplaying with the Double E 17 toy truck whether playing indoors or outside the house. This model is designed to withstand tough terrain such as small stones making it ideal for outdoor activities.

It comes with fun construction vocals for your kids to get entertained as they play. Your child will be amused by the talking machine. This model is available in push button version that is used to move the machine forward, backward, left, or right. Double E 17 ready to run tracked vehicle works independently with batteries and does not require assembly. It is recommended for kids above five years.


This three in one metal shovel remote control excavator is built to 1.14 scale. It is a replica of an excavator construction tractor. Made from a non-toxic premium ABS plastic, the model has a metal shovel to make children identify with a real excavator. Hardwood floors are convenient surfaces for this machine to operate on.

It contains powerful motors that are used for traveling heavy materials from one place to another. Rubber track tires attached to it helps the machine withstand friction on rough surfaces. This model contains 3 DYI tools used for replacement. Such tools include a shovel, breaker, and a grabber that help you perform fun activities such as excavating, drilling, and grasping of pebbles from the ground.

The double E 17 channel operates on a 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Even from a 100 feet distance, you can easily operate it using a nice sized remote control. The high power rechargeable 800 mAh battery pack gives it an added advantage of packing maximum power. Charging Double E17 takes a few hours and goes for around 30 minutes before requiring more power.

Equipped with a USB charging cable, you can easily charge your phone while digging holes in your front yard. The heavy-duty steel used to design this double excavator makes it suitable for lifting heavy loads. A steal shovel allows you to dig deep through stones. The arms of the shovel are able to operate on their own.

Apart from that, this machine also has an independent digging boom. Its large capacity allows it to accommodate a large amount of sand during construction. This model is equipped with a bucket and an impact hammer to help you hit through hard surfaces while digging.

Thanks to use of anti-interference technology, this model can support multi-players with a range of up to 80 feet apart. Double E 17 is fully functional with a 680 degree cab rotation to help you move both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

DIY accessories that come with this excavator can make your tractor toy become a grapple excavator or a crusher hydraulic excavator. Availability of sounds and lights keeps your kids entertained as they sing alone to the interesting tunes while working. This machine has the ability to take you to another world of imagination.

  • It is made up of a durable body that makes the machine last longer.
  • This model gives you a bonus of two grabbers for you to finish work faster.
  • The packing is exclusively making it convenient to be passed on as a gift.
  • The model contains long-lasting transmitter batteries.
  • Flexible joints allow it to move easily without the risk of damages.
  • You have to keep on removing the rechargeable battery. A charging port on the side of the toy would be more efficient.
  • Digging is hard because the scoop keeps unfolding or even sticking.
  • This model does not move easily on surfaces such as carpets.

Toydaloo – Best RC Excavator for the Money

Remote Control Excavator Toy Truck

This is a cool toy truck that lets you spend less while at the same time enjoying loads of fun. The toy truck is designed to fit well in the arms of a child.

Flashing lights and cool sound effects are found in this excavator to boost imagination in young ones. The RC model helps young ones build sensorimotor skills by assimilating new data.

Your child will love this RC Vehicle as a birthday gift due to its nice features. It contains a remote transmitter to help kids play from all areas whether in the garden or at the park. Some of the other features are discussed as follows.


This machine is 14’’ × 8’’ × 6 inches. It has a 7 channel receiver that allows consistency from different ranges. The rotating transmitter of this model uses 3AAA batteries. It has a 360 degrees rotating capacity that allows it to move in a unidirectional pattern. The engine works with a rechargeable LiPo battery.

  • Toydaloo excavators are nontoxic due to the material used in manufacturing them. The make of these toys does not contain any lead or phthalates.
  • This model is cheaper compared to other types.
  • It provides a good range due to an effective channel receiver.
  • Loading very heavy materials may damage a toydaloo.
  • The battery life is not as good compared to other models and a Toydaloo requires constant charging.

Wolvol Big Electric RC Excavator – Product with long battery life


Let your child develop a passion in engineering through playing with the Wolvol. The uniqueness of this model lies in an outstanding mini bulldozer shovel. It helps you perform leaps and bounds with it. The recommended age for a Wolvol is kids of 3 years and above.

This excavator comes with a demo button for your child to learn how to use it by first observing how it operates on its own. The option of turning off the sounds while playing prevents it from getting annoying.


This model has a 680 degrees turning body. Remote control is put in the box to help you perform more than 10 functions. Wolvol contains entertaining lights and sounds to make it fun to play with. An arm shovel and an additional mini bulldozer makes it easy for you to dig up any kind of hard surface. A rechargeable battery is used to power Wolvol truck toy.

  • The demo function makes it interesting to play
  • This machine gives you some realistic details used by real excavators.
  • It is made up of steady and reliable materials
  • The battery life of a wolvol is impressive.
  • Even though a remote controller is provided, the 2AA batteries are not included in the package.
  • Scooping by the use of a Wolvol is not precise.
  • The bucket and digging arm move independently making it hard for a child’s coordination.

Big daddy – Most Durable Excavator

Big-Daddy Full Functional Excavator review

Let your child move dirt or sand from one point to a dump truck by using the big daddy toy model. This toy works as an actual excavator. All the activities that an actual yellow caterpillar building vehicle does are incorporated in this toy truck.

The big daddy is a high-quality design tractor that uses a wireless remote. All you need to do to get it started is to charge it for about 30 minutes and enjoy the next 20 minutes having fun. You can actually scoop mud using bid daddy just like how mud is scooped with a real excavator.


The heart of this model is a transmitter that controls the toy to allow you to scoop mud from the ground. It measures 20 × 6.5× 12.5 inches. This machine contains a rotating arm that goes round 680 degrees.

Big daddy is designed with lots of power to dig up the deepest holes below the ground as well as pick up its own weight. Its battery is strong with a voltage of 7.2 and 400 MAH. The remote control of this model is equipped to perform 11 functions and uses 2AA kind of batteries.

A USB quiche charge cable is available for you to charge you phone during an outdoor activity.

  • This excavator has high-frequency control that prevents interference from any external factors.
  • It is durable and strong to work best on tough surfaces.
  • Super-fast remote control for a speed of 15 MPH is packed in the box for you to complete work easily.
  • Big daddy contains a thin plastic cover for easy absorption
  • Lack of a charging port on the side of the machine means that every time the machines needs charging, you will have to remove the rechargeable battery.

Fistone 15CH 2.4G – Best RC Excavator with Bucket

Fistone RC Excavator

Fistone toy truck is highly decorated with an appealing operation desk and a bench inside the driving cab. If you are looking for a remote control excavator with sufficient driving power, fistone is your best choice for you.

It allows you to powerfully scoop gravel from the soil due to its quality alloy drive cab in order to conquer hard terrain.

Teach your child how to use the remote control and let them play with the machine from 80 ft. away. Fistone is recommended for children above six years to improve coordination as they practice their handling abilities. Purchasing this toy truck guarantees you a 60 days worry-free warranty. In case your machine gets damaged within the first 2 months, you can get a replacement from a retailer.


Fistone is 5.9 × 5.9 × 13.8 inches. The hydraulic tube provides you with arms to dig deep in sand. A large capacity shovel bucket accommodates more sand for you to enjoy digging. The bulldozthe er bucket can be moved up and down for easy uploading and unloading of goods. The gear rubber tires found in this machine gives it a strong grip for any tough surface.

It provides you with a 360 degree rotation with a high capacity recharging 700mAh. The transmitter lets you turn off lights and sound effects at your convenience. Fistone is built from superior quality rubber caterpillar material.  The model also contains a B076WT54CQ spare battery pack.

  • Fistone lasts long due to premium caterpillar material which is wear resistant.
  • This model is non-toxic making it safe for your children to play with.
  • It provides a strong grip to the ground improving friction on rugged surfaces.
  • Be careful while charging Fistone model because lack of fully charging this excavator may damage it.

PowerLead Ptco T009 –  Best Excavator Under $50

PowerLead Ptco T009

Get your 3 year old child a powerlead for them to understand the concept of building things from a tender age.

This machine is popular due to the availability of replaceable tools.  It provides different tools for drilling and grasping apart from the usual standard shovels found in other RC toys.


The toy truck comes with separate joints on the arms that can be controlled independently. A 360 degrees rotation of the powerlead model allows you to grasp dirt from any angle. The effects of sounds and lights make it more interactive to kids and boost their imaginative experience. It uses a frequency of 2.4 Ghz.

The plastic materials that are used to design this remote control excavator are installed with electronic components.

  • Powerlead is affordable
  • The signal of this model is not interfered with
  • It can withstand tough play
  • The ability to reflect a real excavator’s performance is achieved through Powerlead.
  • This toy truck is an attractive design that you can place on your TV stand to add aesthetic value to your living room.
  • The battery life of this machine is short compared to other models
  • It plays loud music which can be a nuisance if you don’t know the right button to turn it off.
  • There have been claims that this model looks cheap.

Think Gizmos – Perfect for Little Kids

Think Gizmos

The Ingenious Machines vehicle building kit from Think Gizmos brand will appeal to your building obsessed seven-year-old kid.

These robotic kits boost your kid’s thinking capacity by joining the blocks to come up with different possible models. Adults too enjoy playing with these blocks to come up with creative excavator designs.

The concept of creating different models makes it easy to reuse to come up with new ones. This is the opportunity for your kids to create something that comes to life just by following a set of simple instructions. Get it now and help your kids solve the captivating puzzles.


The vehicle building kit contains 240 pieces of blocks which include a crane, bulldozer, dump truck and a forklift truck.  It also comes with a remote control to help kids maneuver the excavator in different directions.

A manual is provided containing visual steps on how to place the blocks against each other to create the different models. A set of colored stickers is found inside the box for you to mark sections of your model making it easy not to confuse parts that you have already worked on.

  • It contains a speaker on the controller that encourages kids to play on without any distractions.
  • Young kids may not understand that the toy track moves by using both buttons on the remote control.

Best RC Excavators – Buyer’s Guide

How do Remote control excavators work?

This miniature models of a large excavator apply the concept of full simulation. Hydraulic electricity is incorporated to design engineering vehicle models for children to play with. The remote control excavator works with hacked servos which are connected to woodrillbit located in an aluminum tube. As the servo moves, the cylinders moves with it. The coordination between these two makes the RC excavator function as required.

RC excavators are used by companies such as Autonomous Solutions to perform multiple tasks that involve heavy lifting. This is achieved by installing a robotic component called NAV into a remote control excavator transforming it from manual to robotic control. The robotic component leverages the remote control excavator’s existing CAN bus system to control vehicle functions.

Working together enables the robot to control real-time vehicle health indicators. This company has been able to deliver remote control excavators to work on the unstable terrain in Canyon mine.

Hydraulic Excavator

Some of the important things to look out for when choosing an excavator include:

  • The type or model

RC Excavators are of different types as discussed below. Each type contains different features that may be unique making it perform differently from another model. The various models have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, some models such as the big daddy are built from heavy durable metal that lasts long while others are made of plastic that wear off easily. You need to consider all the features before choosing a model that fits your needs.

  • Price range

The cost of a remote control excavator may vary depending on the design used to make it. Prices range is also caused by the quality of a model. We all know that cheap is expensive right? Avoid buying cheap products if you want them to serve you for more than a week. Invest in an expensive toy excavator and never get to worry about the motor dying or your wheels jamming when they hit hard soil.

Since these machines are designed to work on hard surfaces, digging up soil and dirt, a tough excavator may cost you much but it will definitely be worth it. They are supposed to break the ground thus need to be durable enough for them to give you service. Get a strong digger that powers through any kind of surface for you to achieve good results.

  • Power

Different models require a different amount of time for them to be fully charged. You will realize that some models go for longer periods after charging as compared to others. Choose a model that lets you play for a long time after full charge rather than one that keeps on interfering with your game due to low charge. A long battery life lets you work for long hours without worrying about charging it.

  • Quality

Remote control excavators vary in quality due to the materials used to design them. Go for a high-quality model made of metal to serve you for years as compared to a plastic model that would break easily with one fall when your kid is playing.

A good quality device can do just about anything. You can use it for different purposes such as digging a 6-foot hole from the foundation or pick up trash in your backyard. Working as a team with quality toy excavators will make you feel satisfied with getting the job done with so much ease.


  • Reliability

Let us assume that you want to construct a little garden in your backyard. You will need a remote control excavator that has a reliable rigid structure to carry out the job well without letting you down. An unreliable machine can be one that does not provide you with a large capacity to scoop soil or one that does not have enough rotating capabilities. Choose a model that you can rely on so as you avoid disappointments while making your garden presentable. 


Final thoughts

Fully functional remote control excavators are fantastic products that would be ideal gifts for birthday or occasions such as Christmas for your young ones. Let your child learn how to manipulate remote control excavators as they grow up. Looking for the right RC toy can be challenging with a stream of options to choose from. The factors above will guide you to make the right choice.

These small scale excavator figures can be underestimated but they can do wonders on your soil. RC excavator models have a stable frequency signal to offer the best programs for you and your kids to play with. You don’t need an actual excavator to work on your farm. Just buy a durable product and dig up those tunnels according to the desired sizes. They are the perfect representation of the actual excavator. Get the best remote control excavator today and experience the thrill in construction.

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