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Are you wondering what kind of RC helicopter to give your young one for Christmas? With so much to choose from, you may be confused about which one is the best RC helicopter. If you are new to this field, you may not be able to comprehend the technical terms used by the manufacturers when they advertise these machines.

This review will not only enlighten you on a few terminologies commonly used in this field but also gives you a quick summary in form of a table in case you don’t have time to go through it all. Enhance hand and eye coordination skills by going for a remote control toy that suits the needs of your child. You can also buy one for yourself to play around the house since it is so much fun and easy to fly.

The following comparison table will get you started.

Best RC Helicopters of 2020

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Syma S107G

Sycma S107

  • Control Range: Up to 10m
  • Maximum flight time: 6-8 minutes
  • Special Feature: Easy to control, Great for Beginners

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WLtoys Large V912

WL toys V912

  • Control Range: About 150m
  • Maximum flight time: About 8 Minutes
  • Special Feature: 3D flying

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Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

Sycma S109G

  • Control Range: about 8 meters
  • Maximum flight time: 5-8 minutes
  • Special Feature: Bright LED indicator lights

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Syma S111G

Sycma S111G

  • Control Range: about 8 meters
  • Maximum flight time: 5-8 minutes
  • Special Feature: Stable Flight Characteristics

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GP Toys G610

  • Control Range: 15 meters
  • Maximum flight time: up to 8 minutes
  • Special Feature: Ultra-durable design

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Cheerwing S107/S107G

Cheerwing S107

  • Control Range: Up to 15m
  • Maximum flight time: about 10 Minutes
  • Special Feature: Ready to Fly

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sykii RC Mini Drone

Sykii rc mini drone

  • Control Range: 30-40m
  • Maximum flight time: 4-5mins
  • Special Feature: 360° flips and 360° rolls

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Eachine H101

  • Control Range: About 10m
  • Maximum flight time: About 6-7 minutes
  • Special Feature: Quick response

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SkyRover Gravity Z 3 Channels with Gyro Vehicle

Sky rover gravity

  • Control Range: Up to 10m
  • Maximum flight time: 6 minutes
  • Special Feature: Motion Sensing Controller

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Tenergy Syma S107/S107G

Sycma S107/S107G

  • Control Range: Up to 15m
  • Maximum flight time: 8-12 minutes
  • Special Feature: Full 3 Channels

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Sycma S107 – Ideal for BeginnersSyma S107

If you are new to the world of helicopters, this is where you should start. Sycma S107 gives you simple functionalities that you can learn all the basics of flying your RC device.

Use the three-channel controls to steer your Sycma in all directions whether forward, in reverse, or up and down.

Your remote control comes in handy for you to control how your helicopter moves. If you fly your chopper in a wayward manner, use the trim button on your remote to bring it back to level.

Sycma is suitable for beginners since you can use it indoors without feeling embarrassed about how terrible you might be at flying it for the first time.

Features and description

Built from heavy materials and the Gyroscope technology system, this RC helicopter is stable enough to balance on it’s in the air. The speed controller in the helicopter helps the rotor blades to become stable so that it can take off easily from the ground. Making use of three motors that power its propellers, this vehicle is able to fly with great intensity.

It uses as a 150 mah battery capacity so that you can enjoy flying your helicopter for about fifteen minutes non-stop if you charged it for half an hour before taking off.

The type of batteries used to design Sycma S107 are lithium polymer batteries that makes flying efficient. You can charge your lipo batteries with a transmitter which comes with this rc helicopter. Charging is controlled by a digital technology infrared control system.

  • It is lightweight therefore portable. Much weight may interrupt your flying performance.
  • You are in full control of flying.
  • High-quality materials with a metal frame and boom tubes that appeal to young ones.
  • Your remote control does not have 1.5v AA batteries so you have to buy them separately.
  • Its lightweight can be affected by strong winds when you are flying it outdoors.

WL Toys V912 RC Helicopter – Best Under $100

WLtoys Large V912

Maneuver this remote control toy just like a real helicopter. Despite the fact that it is not a real helicopter, you should be careful while playing with it because the roller blades run too fast and could hurt someone’s skin when they come into contact with it.

To avoid such occurrences, you should find more open space to use a WL toy V912. You can control it from a 150 m distance and fly it for 8 minutes of fully charged batteries.

Features and description

This RC toy uses 3D action to let you navigate it in all kinds of directions. It uses a frequency of 2.4GHz and makes use of 4 channels. You need to buy 4 x AA transmitter batteries separately because the package of a WL toy V912 RC helicopter does not include them. What extra configurations do you receive with such a purchase?

Get a free balance charger, transmitter, a tail blade and a manual to guide you on how to start flying your machine all provided inside the package.

  • Fitted with LED lights on the front making it simulate a real copter
  • It makes flying fun and interesting
  • Its transmitter has a hobby grade feel
  • LCD screen helps you view and adjust the trim tabs efficiently.
  • The sound that it makes may be a nuisance to some people
  • 7 to 8 minutes of flying may not be sufficient for an experienced person in flying rc vehicles.

Sycma S109G – Best Choice Under $50

Syma S109G

Fly your rc chopper in any direction that you want with ease. This helicopter can move up and down, forward and in reverse direction as well as left or right making flying fun and an interesting sport.

You can start here as a newbie to learn how to operate a flying machine using a remote control. If you purchase this helicopter for your kid, ensure that you supervise them during flying so that it remains intact at the end of every flight.

Features and specifications

Syma S109G flies with a C rate of 15C and a battery capacity of 150mah. It utilizes 3.7 volts while operating and a cell count of 1S. A brushed motor is instilled inside in this rc helicopter giving it enough power to fly. You can charge your lipo batteries with a USB cable using an electric source of fuel.

  • Fitted with beautiful lights that makes it look flashy and is also equipped with good control designs.
  • Your indicator turns red when charging is complete to help you know the right charging levels so that you do not overheat your batteries.
  • Lack of an electric outlet is not a hindrance since you can still charge using a charging cable that is provided on the case.
  • Moves in all kinds of directions.
  • Comes with a fair price.
  • Does not last for so long.
  • You can only use it indoors
  • Does not have lots of features to maneuver through the air

Sycma S111G 3.5 channel RC helicopter – Good Cheap Choice

Syma S111G review

Made with a coast guard design, this vehicle not only looks classy but caters to all your flying needs. Considering its affordable price, charging your RC helicopter for 30 minutes, gives you an extra 8-10 minutes to flying without stopping for more power.

This not only makes it economical but also functional. Less cash should not be a limiting factor when you desire a remote control helicopter. You can always choose a Sycma S111G and enjoy your flight.

Features and description

The helicopter is fitted with multi-directional flight controls to help you navigate in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. An electric gyroscope system is used in the design and coaxial blades fitted into Sycma S11G RC helicopter to make it more stable while flying across the air. Spare parts such as PCS USB cable and a tail blade are provided in the package to help you charge your machine easily.

You can either use your USB or a controller to recharge your 3.7V 150mAH Li-poly batteries.

  • It balances appropriately to let you fly smoothly
  • It takes different impacts perfectly without crashing easily
  • Has an appealing look and outstanding designs.
  • Since it is designed for beginners, moving it in a forward direction may be slow compared to rc helicopters designed for pros.

GP Toys G610 – Ideal Helicopter for Indoors


Are you looking for a cheap rc helicopter that you can control from the comfort of your couch? Go for a GP toy G610 and have fun playing indoors without getting sweaty from the scorching sun outside your home.

Even when the lights go off, you can still play with your RC toy, thanks to the incorporation of LED lights that help you concentrate on your game without losing control of directions with no natural light.

If you have some little experience in flying, purchasing a GP toy G610 pushes you to become a professional while at it. The 3.5 channels control helps your vehicle move in different directions and also help in maintaining stability with the use of gyroscope technology.

Fly up to 50 feet distance by charging your RC helicopter for around 50 minutes. If you buy three of your kids three similar GP toys G610 copters, they can compete flying at the same time courtesy of the presence of  3 selectable frequencies.


GP toys G610 work effectively with 3.7V 350mAh lipo batteries. You can charge your batteries through a computer or use a USB charger to achieve a full charge. The package comes with a controller, the main and tail blade as well as two connectors to help you charge your lipo batteries. You, however, need to buy 6 “AA” batteries for your controller since this is not included in the box you buy your helicopter in.

  • It flies steady and follows your command while using your remote control.
  • Foldable blades make it easy to carry around so you can move it when going for a picnic.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • You are provided with extra spare parts in case you damage some original parts.
  • If you do not have some basic experience on GP toys, it may run uncontrollably as you begin.

Cheerwing S107/S107G – Best Small Mini RC Helicopter

Cheerwing S107

Fly this small sized rc helicopter with agility and intense speed. Made from a durable metal frame, you can play it without worrying about it getting crashed easily when it hits a tough surface.

The use of a gyro system of technology makes you achieve precision by flying it in a specific direction. For instance, a forward movement gets the cheering S107 to fly forward without losing control or changing this direction.

Features and specifications

The controller of this RC helicopter is fitted with a trim control to help you achieve perfection in stability when flying. You can fly 2 vehicless at the same time by choosing the two frequencies that come with this device. Infrared control lets you navigate this toy in any desired direction.

Purchasing Cherring S107 comes with a complete kit packed with controllers and battery charger to power up your RC helicopter. A 3.7V 150mah Lithium-Polymer (Li-Poly) Battery is used in Cheering S107G. LED indicators are provided for easy monitoring.


Do not buy this product for a 3 year old because it contains some small parts that can be easily swallowed.

  • Designed with strong metal frame makes it durable for it not to succumb to crashes.
  • It allows you to fly at precise speeds.
  • Its small size e makes it portable and easy to fly around the house
  • It will take you close to 50 minutes to charge and only six minutes to use it. This means that you spend more time charging cheering rc helicopter than flying it making it monotonous.

Sykii rc mini drone – Perfect for Outdoors

sykii RC Mini Drone

Let your kid enjoy playing with a Sykii rc mini drone at a park without worrying about losing control of your rc helicopter.

Thanks to protective designs such as humanized spin design used in this type of RC helicopter, your child does not get hurt when trying to propel this machine. Your device does not have a chance of getting lost in a big park because it flies at a lower spinning speed.

Sometimes when flying high, you may not be able to judge which direction you are using and a headless security system comes in handy to control the drone in the right direction so that it is stable on air.

Features and specifications

A frequency of 2.4 GHz is used in a Sykii RC mini done to prevent interference from external sources and give it a powerful signal. You can control this drone from a 30 to 40 m distance. This Sykii drone is fitted with a transmitter and quadcopter battery of 2*3.7V 200mAh Li-poly.

You can also play with a Sykii rc mini drone when the sun is setting and darkness kicks in thanks to the incorporation of LED lights.

  • 6-Axis Gyroscope system makes it wind resistant so that you can play with it outdoors
  • Comes in a variety of colors to choose from
  • The manual may include some items which may be missing in the box. Check that everything that is advertised is included before purchasing this remote control helicopter.

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Eachine H101 – Most stable RC Helicopter

EACHINE H101 review

Achieve utmost stability by going for an Eachine H101 remote control helicopter courtesy of 3.5 channel technology. Adjust your flight using the trimmer functions that lets you move your vehicle in different directions.

You can connect your RC helicopter using A.B.C selectable radio channels by pushing just one button to match the radio channel. Fly for about ten minutes on a full charge without stopping for anything.

Features and description

The Eachine H101 operates with a 3.5 channel to enable you to play for about 7-10 minutes. You can control your gadget from 10 meters away. It uses 3.7V 180Mah Li-poly batteries for it to power up. Gyroscope technological system is fitted into the Eachine H101 RC helicopter to increase stability as you fly it.

You can connect 3 helicopters at a go thanks to the provision of 3 different selectable radio channels.


In case there are strong winds outside, do not use your Eachine H101 in this condition. Strong direct sunlight may also interfere with the infrared controller of your gadget. You should also avoid using weak batteries on an Eachine H101 so that your control range does not weaken after a short while.

  • You can use it both inside and outside.
  • It is easy to control.
  • Lightweight making it more portable.
  • Small and compact controller.
  • Its powerful blades may hurt you if in contact with your skin.

Sky rover gravity – Most Durable Product

Sky Rover Gravity

Control your rc helicopter from a distance range of 8 meters. Using this toy in an enclosed environment lets you have so much fun while controlling it using unique features.

Charge it fully before you begin using it and enjoy 20 minutes of extreme fun. Get a sky rover gravity RC helicopter for your child as a birthday gift and let them hover and land this machine like a pro without just a few days of practice.


Equipped with smart circuit protection, you feel safe using this RC helicopter since the fuse of your batteries will not blow unexpectedly as you fly it. A/B/C infrared controller gives your sky rover gravity enough stability while on air. Buy 4*AAA batteries for your trimmer controller separately and start flying.

It is fitted with a motion sensing controller for you to get going by just steering the RC helicopter. Features such as smart hover and auto take off helps you control your sky rover gravity.

  • This product is durable with the ability to take up a few hits without breaking easily
  • Purchasing it comes with blades to replace in case any of them break and attachment clips.
  • Strong and steady balance.
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • Does not work well outdoors
  • It may be a bit challenging for a beginner.

Tenergy Sycma S107/S107G – Best RC Helicopter for Children’s


It is important to first note that this rc device should not be taken out to fly from outdoors. The minute you buy it for your 14 year old, ensure that they fly it indoors so that it does not get damaged by strong breeze or sunlight since it is controlled by an infrared controller.

You don’t want to keep on replacing your RC helicopter every now and then. Do you? Taking precautions is, therefore, the first step of having a long-lasting helicopter.

A Tenergy Sycma S107 is small and very lightweight capable of perfectly fitting in your hands. Though small in size, this RC vehicle is fully functional working through a Gyroscope technology that improves its ability to fly higher with much power.

If you have 2 Tenergy Sycma S107 copters, you can use both of them at the same time using 2 selectable frequencies. When you charge your this copter for 25 minutes, you get the privilege of flying it for close to 12 minutes without worrying about it experiencing power hitches.

Get your child this toy in their favorite colors whether red or yellow and put a smile on their faces.

Features and description

This ready to use RC chopper also uses 3.7V-180MAH Lithium Polymer battery. You can charge your tenergy sycma S 107 with a transmitter or a USB cable. Your transmitter contains an alignment trim for you to fly your helicopter in a straight direction. An indicator is provided to let you know when charging is complete so that you do not overcharge your lipo batteries.

  • It is very easy to fly without necessarily hitting the wall or lose control of this RC helicopter.
  • Tenergy Sycma S107 is made from solid materials that makes it durable
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Tiny joints in the propeller may not be very strong and can break easily.
  • You may experience some challenges in trying to fit in your batteries to charge them since you need to lift the plastic housing that comes with it.

Best RC Helicopter in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Factors to consider when choosing the best RC helicopter

The source of power

Remote control helicopters require different sources of power. There are those that use electric power while others use internal combustions. If your model is charged electrically, go for good quality rechargeable batteries such as high capacity lithium polymer batteries so that you can fly for long without interruptions.

Fuel-based RC vehicles, on the other hand, need constant attention since you have to resupply fuel every now and then so that your device performs as desired. Since this may be a lot of work, make work easier by choosing an electric RC helicopter model that only needs you to charge it once in a while.


You will realize that different RC helicopters come in a variety of sizes. There are small products that will fit perfectly into your arms and big helicopters which may be a bit heavy for your child. Depending on your needs, choosing the right size of a vehicle gives you excellent performance. Small-sized helicopters range from fifteen to twenty-three inches while bigger sizes go up to 30 inches.

If you are getting an RC helicopter for your 3-year-old son, do not choose a very small one, because he can easily choke on the tiny spare parts. Very big vehicles may strain your kid too. Therefore, just go for the right size depending on who is going to operate it.


RC helicopters contain between 2 to 6 channels each performing different tasks. A 2 channel is basic in most products to control the speed of your toy, while the 3 channel controls the forward and backward movements of your helicopter. Choosing an RC helicopter equipped with a 4 channel helps you control the pitch of your rotor blades allowing left and right cyclic movements. The higher the channel number, the more interesting your RC gadget performs.


Going for products that are fitted with strong durable metals such as aluminum and lead makes you use your vehicle for long. Even if it hits a wall or gets stuck under tree branches, such a strong RC helicopter does not crash easily. Choosing durable materials prevents you from replacing different parts every other week. Choose a high-quality product and let it take you for months without breaking.


Do you plan on flying your new RC helicopter inside or right outside your house? This is a factor that should not be overlooked because various devices are designed differently to suit your surroundings. As we have already discussed above, some brands work best when used inside an enclosed environment while others are more fun when used outdoors.

Remote control helicopters that are meant to be indoors are often small in size and come at cheaper prices as opposed to their counterparts. Indoor products are also lightweight and can be affected by a strong wind blowing across an area as well as strong rays of sunshine. Exposing such RC helicopters to these circumstances leads to easy damage.

If you are looking to have more fun while competing with friends outside your backyard, you may need to spend a few extra dollars on an outdoor copter. These types are often large in size and a bit pricey. They are also designed with much power to be able to resist harsh conditions such as strong breezes. Therefore, think about where you intend to use your RC helicopter before just buying any type. This can be achieved through simple research on the different brands of RC helicopters.


Different remote control helicopters are designed with either a fixed or a collective pitch. Using a fixed-pitch vehicle will not let your rotors adjust angles. This makes such RC helicopters hard to navigate. Collective pitch, on the other hand, allows the rotor to adjust in different angles giving you different ways to navigate your machine. A collective pitch is, therefore, a better option than a fixed pitch.

rc helicopter for beginners

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Safety measures while using RC helicopters

  • Simple to use products for beginners

In as much as operating RC helicopters is fun, it can cause serious damages, especially on kids when they lack supervision. Begin by getting your child an easy copter that does not expose them to sharp blades for instance by going for a Syma that is easy to use and safe to maneuver.

  • Outdoor flying

Keep a distance when using your RC helicopter outdoors so that you don’t hit passengers on a road or break a neighbors window. Observe your surroundings before you decide to play outside with your new favorite flying machine. You can always gauge the intensity of the wind so that your RC toy does not get stuck on trees or get lost in the wind.

  • Maintenance

If you are using a fuel-based remote control helicopter, add fuel with a lot of caution to prevent any kind of explosions. Properly maintaining your device gives you service for longer. You can do this by cleaning up your machine after use to avoid dust from getting into sensitive parts such as the motor which can wear out easily when exposed to such conditions.

In case your flying toy has some broken parts, always replace these parts with new ones that are probably lying inside your box. Lubricate different parts of your machine to prevent rust from finding its way through metallic surfaces.

  • Following instructions

Your manual is not a decoration book for you to get rid of once you have bought an RC helicopter. Read the instructions carefully and follow it religiously to prevent accidents from happening for instance by charging the batteries wrongly. Charging currents above 1C may cause your batteries to overheat leading to serious complications such as fire explosions.

  • Age

They say that age is just a number but when it comes to RC copters, age is a very crucial factor in choosing this machine. You can stay safe by going for an RC helicopter that suits the age of the user. Keep in mind that bigger RC helicopters have more power meaning that if you buy this type for your 4-year-old kid, you are exposing them to great risks. Carelessness starts with choosing an RC helicopter that is not age-appropriate.

Final thoughts

With all this at the back of your mind, you can never go wrong in choosing the best RC helicopter. Consider the merits and demerits of each brand as discussed above and choose what best product caters to your every need. Remember, the safety of RC devices starts with you.

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