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Best Short Course RC Truck

Looking to win that trophy or even earn bragging rights among your peers? Race with a short remote control truck and take that ribbon home with you. Most people in this game believe that rubbing is racing.

The thrill of the game is to withstand the tough conditions and come out as the winner without succumbing to the race. Achieve this by getting the best device that is designed with high speed and has the ability to fly high and bash easily making you a pro at your game.

We all love winning and these cars see to it that we achieve victory. In competitive racing, you need a truck that is built with powerful materials to set you up for intense racing.

Short course trucks are a true definition of this. They stand out due to their features that make them withstand off-road racing with a full fendered body so you don’t have to worry about it crashing as it bangs against other racers. They are available in 1/8 scale, 1/10 scale. Nitro or electric-powered and 2WD or 4WD.

Best Short Course RC Trucks of 2020

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Redcat Racing Blackout SC

Redcat Racing Blackout SC

  • Recommended Age: 14 years+
  • Drive System: 4 WD
  • Scale: 1:10

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Tecesy RC Cars


  • Recommended Age: 14 years+
  • Drive System: 4 WD
  • Scale: 1:12

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Traxxas Slash

Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD

  • Recommended Age: 16 years+
  • Drive System: 2 WD
  • Scale: 1:10

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Traxxas Slash

Traxxas Slash 4x4 1/16

  • Recommended Age: 14 years+
  • Drive System: 4 WD
  • Scale: 1:16

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Dromida 1:18

Dromida Electric

  • Recommended Age: 15 years+
  • Drive System: 4 WD
  • Scale: 1:18

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Traxxas 68086

Traxxas 68086 Short Course Truck

  • Recommended Age: 14 years+
  • Drive System: 4 WD
  • Scale: 1:10

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1/14th Tacon Thriller Short Course Truck RC Brushless Ready to Run

Tacon Thriller

  • Recommended Age: 12 years+
  • Drive System: 4 WD
  • Scale: 1:14

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Iron Track

Tyronno Electric RC Iron Truck

  • Recommended Age: 14 years+
  • Drive System: 4 WD
  • Scale: 1:18

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This review discusses different types of short course RC trucks so help you understand their differences so that you can choose which works best for you. You are also guided on what to consider when looking for a good brand so that you don’t go wrong.

Red cat racing Blackout SC – Best Waterproof RC Truck

Redcat Racing Blackout

This ready to run truck lest you experience the excitement in racing across hard surfaces equipped with 4 wheel drive. Thanks to the strong traction on its wires, you can easily maneuver and navigate tight spots with the help of the forward/reverse ESC.

Using this truck makes you stress-free for you do not need to worry about your electronics being destroyed by watery surfaces. It enables you to have full control of your truck equipped with waterproof electronics.


Brushed electric motor with a heat sink is installed in your motor to increase durability and makes your truck more efficient. Your red cat racing blackout SC absorbs shock through four oil filled adjustable coil for it not to succumb to tough grounds. The packages is loaded with 7.2 v 3000mAh Battery & Battery charger so that you do not go again looking for batteries for your truck.

  • High speed to make you win a race
  • Does not crash easily
  • Durable truck to play with for long as opposed to using other kinds of trucks.
  • The radio system does not come with its own batteries.
  • Designed with loose screws that may fall out.

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Tecesy RC Car FIGHTER – Fact RC Truck

Tecesy Terrain

Get your 14-year-old Tecesy and give them a chance to race with a high speed of up to 25 mph+. The truck allows you to perform different movements on areas such as spinning and jumping on sand dunes. Let your teenage child feel excited by this flashy looking short course RC truck.


The Tecesy FIGHTER uses a 390 Motor and a speed controller that is steeples. You can use the controller mode to control how your truck moves across a lane. Equipped with a 2.4 GHz radio system, it prevents signal interference from external factors. Its battery capacity is 7.4 V 1500mAh that allows a Tecesy to go for about 15 minutes without stopping. Rubber tires are fitted on the truck making it abrasion proof on different surfaces.

Tenecy also uses four-wheel drive for your truck to maintain stability on the ground as it speeds across other competitors. Its package comes with a battery charger for you to first charge Tecesy fully before hitting the road. A full charge gives it enough power before you start using it.

  • Let’s you race at high speed of 25 mph+
  • Well-built Rc’s
  • Long lasting batteries.
  • The remote of this car has a good range for you to control the settings from a distance.
  • 15 minutes of racing may not be sufficient for some racers
  • Heating up the battery when it’s racing may cause harm on your skin.

Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD – Easy to Use Short Course RC Truck

Traxxas Slash

Are you worried about bad weather interfering with your outdoor activity? Go for a traxxas slash scale 1/10 2WD and enjoy playing with your truck in the mud without worrying about it getting damaged courtesy of its waterproof electronics. Its durable and repairable design makes it offer you service for long.


Improve a long-range remote control performance designs of this short course RC truck. It has a 3 channel micro receiver which makes it more reliable and more portable. You do not need factors such as weight slowing you down while at a race. A TQ’s ergonomic design is used to make this toy you more comfortable while riding it, and the TQ programming system helps you customize your controls.

This truck is built brushless making it more affordable. It uses a 272 transmission that contains metal gear internals to give you a smooth ride. 48 pitch gears enable efficient power delivery to the telescoping driveshafts. Incorporated with an X ring technology, its ultra-shocks contain diverse oils, spring, and piston to boost performance.

In case you need to adjust the ride height, you can use the spring clips attached to the traxxass splash pro 2WD.

  • Less time charging gives you more time to play.
  • It does not get damaged easily even if you roll it at intense speeds.
  • The controls are user-friendly
  • High center of gravity makes it hard to operate.

Traxxas Slash 1/16 scale pro 4WD – Best Under $200

Traxxas Slash4wd

This rc truck not only makes riding enjoyable but also instills controlling skills on a young one. Do not be too quick to underestimate its size without trying it out because though small, it can jump ramps and flip around corners with ease. Fitted with a low voltage detector, you get to ride safely without the risk of anything happening as you race, for instance, a fuse blowing.

Purchasing this product assures you of excellent acceleration due to the use of 4 wheel drive.


Its TQ 2.4 GHz radio system makes it easy for you to just switch on and start driving. This truck is fully assembled with a decaled body and pre-glued tires to make it strong enough for it not to crash easily.

A 2–amp 12v DC charger is provided inside the box when you purchase it so that you can charge fast. Featuring high current connector, this device is able to transfer power without hitches no matter how many times you race. 16 gauge wires are used in the potent power cell pack for current flow.

With the use of the Revo suspension technology, this short course rc truck contains rubber sealed ball bearings as well as sealed differentials. A user manual is provided to guide you understand the charging process so that you don’t overcharge it.

  • Waterproof electronics makes it water resistant.
  • It charges faster for you to enjoy the game more.
  • Powered with high speed
  • May require some assembly.
  • Fragile steering servo
  • Not very durable

Dromida Electric 4WD SC Short Course Truck – Best Under $100


Enjoy bashing with a Dromida and worry not about it getting destroyed when it hits rough corners. Even when lacking enough experience in racing, this truck gives you a smooth and easy time as you take on all kinds of areas such as snow, mud, or rain.

Race with a Dromida and gain confidence with a car that is stable enough to withstand a few knocks from fellow racers. You do not need to worry about your age to get a Dromida. Whether you are 15 or 90 years, a Dromida is right for you.


If you are worried about your truck lacking enough power to complete the race, chose a Dromida that is equipped with a Torque 370 motor to get that extra power to go for hours nonstop. Enjoy good steering performance courtesy of 4 wheel drive used on Dromida. The tires are inserted with foam to give grip on different surfaces as you ride it along curves.

Dromida also contains oil shocks to give you full control as you fly through high points. A high capacity battery of 1300mAh lets your truck run without requiring more power. Do not embarrass yourself in a race with cars that contain low capacity batteries.

Its tough front and rear bumpers are used to absorb energy due to the impact on stones and rocks along the way. You can adjust your camber rods accordingly so as to get past other racers easily. A dromida makes use of 6 cell 7.2V nickel metal hydride battery. It measures 288mm long, 182 mm wide and 109 mm high.

  • They come in high-quality material and durable design
  • Waterproof onboard electronics prevents damage on mud and rain
  • You can easily replace components to make them run for long
  • Some people complain about the setup of the stock shocks
  • Low speed compared to other products

Traxxas 68086-4 slash 4 × 4 1/10 scale 4WD – Good Durable Choice

Traxxas 68086

Thanks to use of advanced technology, you can ride this truck from the convenience of your iPad or iPhone. Equip your 2.4 Fhz transmitter with a Bluetooth module and see the magic of controlling your gadget with a touch of your android device.

What makes it even more interesting is the Traxxas link app which helps you record your speed levels as you play with the truck in your backyard.  This app also lets you get real-time telemetry and helps you alter the fly of the short course RC truck. Don’t forget to lubricate this car after running it through the mud to prevent it from wearing out easily.


Traxxas 68086-4 slash 4 × 4 1/10 scale 4WD combines creative features such as Traxxas stability management (TSM) and modular chassis design to give you excellent performance. Control your truck easily even when riding on snow or mud courtesy of the Traxxas stability management.

The multifunction knob lets you tune your toy to work with different surfaces depending on the concrete used to make the terrain you are working on. You don’t need a multi-gear transmission while using is since its four wheels are driven by 3 gear meshes.

A Velineon VXL-3s brushless power system enables this product to ride at high speeds of 60+ mph. using a brushless design minimizes friction preventing it from wearing out easily. It gives you an option of limiting power by 50% to let you acquire experience on the training mode. If you are not new to the field, you can use maximum power to drive on the sport race mode.

  • Sturdy and fast
  • Durable
  • Uses an OBA which gives it a great dimension
  • Full control of the wheel as you steer direction on different surfaces.
  • The packaging does not provide you with 3S batteries for optional gearing. You have to purchase them separately.

Tacon Thriller – Best Under $200

Tacon Thriller

Maintain aerodynamic integrity by using a Tacon remote control short course truck. It has an appealing body design and mud flaps on the rear end to give you an utmost performance.

This product comes in 1/8 scale and chassis that form the base of your truck. Use this car with much flexibility due to upper and lower arms that can be adjusted according to how you may want to tune your camber and toe.


This short course car is mounted with 2.5 mm anodized aluminum rear and front chassis that contain dirt guards to prevent your truck from accumulating dirt and wearing out easily. Steel hinge-pins with rounded front bumper are also featured on a Tacon RC car.

Aluminum threaded oil filled shocks are fitted on the truck to allow ground hugging dampening. You can easily adjust the gear cover fitted with a slipper pad. A 4400 KV brushless motor is used for Tacon improving durability. In order to improve efficiency in the current flow, Tacon Thriller is included with a 72.v 1100mah Ni-Mh battery and a battery charger so that you can recharge it when power is low.

  • You can easily adjust the mini servo.
  • Chassis with dirt guards prevent parts from wearing out
  • The shock towers absorb shock easily on hard surfaces.
  • This car is not waterproof

Iron track RC Electric Tyronno – Perfect for Beginners

Iron Track RC

Get ready to race with an iron truck without going through the tiring process of bringing the different parts to live through assembling it. This ready to race car may appear to be small in scale but still contains all the features found in a bigger 1/10th scale. Its small size makes it easy for your kid to play with since this truck fits perfectly in your arms.


Some of the key features of this RC toy include oil-filled shocks and a 2.4 radio system. Its differentials make it last for long and a 370 brushed motor increases the efficiency of your iron truck. Purchase AA batteries your radio and ride it with a high speed of 120 amps.

It comes with high battery capacity of 7.2 v 800 mah and a battery charger for you to recharge it when running low on power. The front and rear bumpers are molded to withstand the impact of landing when racing. It is fitted with a gear cover that protects your Tyronno from breaking down easily. Progressive springs inside the device allows it to absorb shock when on high speed.

  • The four-wheel drive give makes it tough and efficient
  • The multiblock tires increase traction making the grip strong on the ground
  • Contains integrated servo server
  • The gear cover adds protection
  • It does not provide waterproof electronics, therefore, can get damaged in a pool of mud.
  • Soft tires cannot run all kinds of surfaces.

Best Short Course RC Truck – Buyer’s Guide

The idea of short course off-road racing came up in the early 1970s founded by Mickey Thompson to make people participate in exciting outdoor activities using remote control machines that incorporate the use of technology to give you super speed while competing with other racers.

Factors to consider when buying a short course remote control truck

Wheel drive

In buying your RC gadget, are you looking for one with high speed or that is harder to drive? Depending on how you want to handle your short course truck, you can either go for a 4WD or a 2WD. A 4WD lets you race in top speed since it is designed to be faster than a 2WD.

On the other hand, choosing a 2WD lets you race in skill since it is harder to make you a pro in racing. Let’s look at the benefits of choosing each wheel drive then you can decide what best works for you.

A 2 wheel drive (WD)

If you are a beginner, it is advisable that you go for a 2WD so that you can practice with it. Even if it is more challenging to race such short course trucks, it toughens you to be a good driver in the race meeting. It moves in a straight line making a 180 degrees turn as it slams on the brakes.

Apart from giving you practice, a 2WD comes at affordable prices and is easily built to reduce complications while using it. Even if the slow movement may not excite you at first, it prevents it from getting damaged easily so you can enjoy your race for long with the very first remote control truck you buy. Slow speed also helps you master the skill of control so that you can use it in the future on serious racing.


4Wheel drive (WD)

Driving 4 wheels helps you achieve stability as they give your car a strong extra grip. Such short course trucks are more aggressive on the road in comparison to 2WDs. Achieve throttle control with a 4WD and manipulate the vehicle as you desire. Choosing a 4WD after you have mastered how to use a 2WD lets you have an edge of control at the race since they are easier to drive and are precise to your command giving you predictable performance. Be ready to dig deep into your pockets though in order to get a 4WD because it is costly due to added features such as the use of a brushless motor which increases efficiency. The complexity used to make 4WDs makes it less suitable for a newbie thus used by most professional racers


You can race your RC cars on different terrains such as on sand dunes, gravel, pavement, or grass. Depending on the terrain that you are planning to race on, choose the short course RC truck that has appropriate tires to withstand friction with particular grounds. You do not want your car to get damaged while racing, right?

For instance, if you are planning to race your car on the grass, consider the length of the grass. Shorter grass is easier to race on than taller grass which is harder. Racing on terrains such as pavements would be better since concrete has less resistance on short course remote control trucks.


Motors are different depending on why you are purchasing an RC toy. Some people pick remote control trucks for racing while others buy them for their young ones to play in the backyard after school. The right motor for your product will give you different kinds of services.

Let’s look at for instance a situation where you need a short course truck for your son. You may not need a super-fast truck in such a situation if you are not planning to take him to a racing contest. A brushed motor for your RC truck, in this case, would be ideal since it has a mode that slows it down so that it does not rub hard on tough surfaces. With the flexibility of motors, you can switch to a brushless motor if you want your RC motor to go at super speed in case you are ready to take it for a spin in a more serious environment.


Short course RC trucks come in different models. There are those that are ready to run (RTR) and those that are not put together for you to build them up. If you are a beginner, go for a model that is ready to run because at this stage, you probably do not comprehend how the pieces fit together.

If you have handles different RC trucks before and are ready to build your own vehicle, ensure that purchasing your machine comes with all the necessary gadgets. This may include a remote, batteries, and a charger. What makes these RC devices even more interesting is that you can use gadgets such as a remote on different cars.

In choosing batteries, go for high capacity Lithium polymer batteries so that you can use your truck for long without having to stop every ten minutes to go charge it. Do not let lack of enough power distract you from your game. Also, choose a charger that charges your batteries within a short time rather than going for low capacity batteries and ending up charging for 6 hours. Choosing the right batteries and a fast charger saves you time and money since you won’t have to keep on replacing them.


Whether you are using your car on snow or sand, go for a well-built machine with sealed electronics so that dirt particles do not make it wear out easily. Solidly built short course RC trucks give you more service so consider high-quality materials before purchasing a short course RC truck.



If you plan to work on trails, go for a slightly large short course RC truck so that you are able to clear the bumps ahead of you. Remote control cars come in different sizes such as 1.10 scale and 1/16 scale versions. You do not want to take so much space in your car if you have to travel to a racing competition.

If you have done window shopping, you will realize that size often goes with price. Large short course trucks are more expensive than small sizes. 1/10 scale versions may come at low costs but have less traction on the tires when you use them some grass. Go for a truck that does not replace quality with price. Remember, cheap is expensive.

The purpose of purchasing your truck:


Purchasing a short course race truck does not necessarily mean that you are a racer. You can buy a vehicle to use in your background. Vehicles specifically designed for bashing do not need so much speed as compared to racing cars. Durability is key while making bashing vehicles as opposed to how fast it moves. Use your bashing vehicle with a group of friends in your backyard and enjoy your game.


This, on the other hand, defines a more organized competition where data is tracked and rack upkeep followed. Your racing truck should be super-fast and able to go through corners with ease.  You can get involved in an outdoor dirt road course such as Crandon International Off-Road Raceway.

Final thoughts

A wide variety of remote control machines may confuse you in choosing which will suit your needs more. Avoid such confusion by considering the discussed points above and get a good short course truck for your race or your child. Give them something to remember even as they grow up by letting them have the best RC toys to play with all day long.

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