How to Make a RC Car Faster?

how to make a rc car faster

A radio controlled car is mainly driven using a remote or transmitter. The models use either electric, fuel or gasoline. Electric cars are simpler for beginners or novices. You can have an on-road car which is driven on smooth surfaces or off-road vehicle for rough terrain.

To sustain their speed, off-road cars are built with functional suspensions and wide tires. There have been suspensions adjustments on on-road cars that match race cars today.

What is the secret to making an RC car faster? The engine, the car battery, some small tweaks and continuous practice. We’ll discuss them individually later.

Which model stands out?

  • Electric

The throttle determines the amount of electric power the car will receive from the speed control units. When you press the trigger on the transmitter the faster the car goes. Most electric cars use brushed motors. Brushless motors have more power output and require less maintenance.

The car batteries, wire and power supply determine a system’s ability to deliver power. They can be installed in big monster trucks and help them perform incredible feats like standing backflips. High-quality brushless systems can perform better than nitro or fuel powered vehicles.

  • Nitro

Nitro powered model uses a single servo for braking and throttle control. Other models had an additional servo to manage a transmission box for reversing purposes. The fuel engines range between 2.0 to 5.7 cm3. If you use a fuel-powered engine your RC car can reach model speeds.

Most drivers use a two-stroke engine and the sound is a major selling point for the nitro enthusiasts. Fuel cars drive for longer hours than electric vehicles. The heavyweight in fuel vehicles causes high-speed collisions leading to great damage. Nitro-powered vehicles are generally expensive to maintain.

  • Gasoline

Gasoline-powered models run on oil and gasoline.  The vehicles are big and occupy much space but don’t have fast speeds. They take in little fuel but have loads of power. A gas-powered vehicle rarely requires tuning and can last for a long period.

Best RC Cars on the market

What steps should you take to make your RC car faster?

  • Revving up the engine

Use a lithium-ion battery instead of a standard battery. It will increase the voltage to the wheels and your car will move like a rocket. Reducing the weight from the chassis can impact your RC car’s accelerations.

Brushless motors allow RC cars to move efficiently and at a faster pace. Motors with more Kv that is motor velocity constant, are extremely powerful.  Adjusting the gear ration is a cheaper way of increasing the speed of your car.

Changing the sizes of the pinion or the spur gear will have maximum effect on your car. A bigger pinion gear and smaller spur gear will provide top speed. For quick acceleration try a small pinion and large spur gear. It will help in cooler temperatures giving you motor a long life.

Most RC car manuals can give you a hint on pinion sizes and gear ratios to help you get the right balance.

  • Install a powerful battery

A high voltage battery such as lithium-polymer will see you leave your competitors behind. The battery change can add up to 20 mph to your car speed without including other modifications.  Ensure you get the right battery or measure the battery compartment before making the purchase.

You have to be specific about the battery increment.

A car with single cell battery should move up by 2 or 3-cell. Increase the voltage moderately. If you use a very powerful battery it could damage the motor permanently. You speed control should be able to handle the extra voltage or you could end up buying another one.

We advise that you keep changing the cells in your battery in order to maintain your car’s performance. Lastly, your battery need to be fully charged before a race. It would be rather embarrassing you take you RC car out will anticipation only to realize it can’t move.

rc car action

  • Small tweaks here and there

 We suggest a tire change and please use those that give you more grip. You’ll be doing zero work if you don’t have traction. Soft tires are helpful in loose dirt, medium tires for dry and hard tires when the weather is hot.

Reduce your car weight by exchanging heavy parts with aluminum or graphite parts. The disadvantage is most likely the loss of traction. The tires won’t push as hard on the ground or cut corners properly.

To avoid this ensure you have some weight at the front to maintain the RC car’s stability when moving at high speeds. Opening up the rear of the RC car will allow trapped air to escape and your car to accelerate.

  • Practice makes perfect

You want to win, handle your RC car like a pro. If you drive consistently you’ll gain confidence and avoid small errors and crashes.  Practicing one-on-one with an expert RC car driver could help you learn some new skills. Your driving style should be smooth, try to accelerate and brake slowly. 

Last Words:

Making a RC car faster is easy if you know the tricks. Adjust where you can and seek counsel as you do so. Alterations to your engine, tires and body could help you win races. Don’t forget to practice. There no need of coming to a race with a superb RC car that you can’t control.

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