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Best Cheap Drones Under 150 Bucks – Comparison

Thinking of a toy for your kids or yourself perhaps? What about a drone? This of the fun you’ll have playing with it, taking photos and videos. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds that you don’t need to climb a ladder or tree to...

Best RC Helicopter of 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

best rc helicopter
Are you wondering what kind of RC helicopter to give your young one for Christmas? With so much to choose from, you may be confused about which one is actually the best RC helicopter. If you are new to this field, you may not...

Best Short Course RC Truck for the Money – Reviews

Best Short Course RC Truck
Looking to win that trophy or even earn bragging rights among your peers? Race with a short remote control truck and take that ribbon home with you. Most people in this game believe that rubbing is racing. The thrill of the game is to withstand...

Best Cheap and Quality Lipo Battery Chargers in 2019 – Reviews

best lipo Charger
This review aims at enlightening you on what different lipo charger the market offers and what factors you should consider getting the best lipo charger for your batteries. The life of any remote control machine begins with charging its batteries. A good lipo charger lets...

Top 10 Best RC Buggies To Buy for Beginners

Best RC Buggy
Radio or remote controlled cars are the current craze on off-road racing. There are very many choices out there for RC buggies, with different sizes, features, battery capacities, among many other aspects. So which one should you choose?  It is important you make a smart...

Best RC Monster Trucks for Beginners – Comparison

Best RC Truck for you
Are you planning to buy an RC Truck or are you just curious about these little monsters and would like to know what’s the bests cars on the market? If yes, this review will be helpful as we review the 10 best RC trucks and...

Best RC Cars Under 100 Dollars (Drift and Off Road) – Comparison

RC car under 100
Even though getting into remote control cars is a time-consuming hobby on its own, it does not need to break your wallet in the process. Many models are affordable enough and compete fairly with their more expensive counterparts, and this article will focus on those...

How to Make a RC Car Faster?

how to make a rc car faster
A radio controlled car is mainly driven using a remote or transmitter. The models use either electric, fuel or gasoline. Electric cars are simpler for beginners or novices. You can have an on-road car which is driven on smooth surfaces or off-road vehicle for...

How To Drift an RC Car in a Proper Way?

how to drift a rc car
The thrill of driving a RC car is intense. This is not a video simulation but a car with engine, wheels and fuel. You are negotiating turns and basically avoiding collisions. You can control the car but here’s a challenge. Can you drift a RC...

How Far Can a Drone Fly?

We’ve all heard about drones and their impact on the society. These unmanned aerial vehicles have taken every sphere of our lives including spying on our enemies. Some of the tasks tend to cross moral lines. That said, the drones do offer incredible benefits. Apart...

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Top 5 Best RC Tanks for the Money – Complete Reviews

There are a number of benefits that children derive from playing with their toys, and one is that they develop cognitively. Kids enjoy and...
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