Traxxas X Maxx Fair Review 2020: Pros and Cons

traxxas x maxx review

If you are looking for a huge truck with outstanding performance then this is the truck for you. The truck announces its presence whenever you take it out for some off-road action

Do you want to feel like a kid again? Then try out this monster truck that handles off-road terrain easily. Once you buy this truck there is no turning back; you get addicted to the speeds and the size of this beast. If you used the Traxxas X-Maxx, then you will enjoy the upgrades done on this beast machine. The new version is faster, stronger and handles off-terrain just like a beast. As you well know anything that carries the Maxx name comes with an impressive lineage. The company is renowned for producing monster trucks with 4WD and great maneuverability over any terrain.

This truck is big, fast and fun to play around with.

Traxxas 77076-4 X-Maxx: Brushless RTR Electric Monster...
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Traxxas 77076-4 X-Maxx: Brushless RTR Electric Monster...
  • FEATURES: Traxxas Stability Management (TSM): Superior tuning algorithms run on high-speed electronic components to control wheel spin and steering di
  • INCLUDES: RTR X-Maxx Truck with Brushless Motor, Radio, ESC, Painted Body, Quick Start Guide and Maintenance Tools
  • REQUIRES: Batteries: Two 3S LiPo 5000mAh or greater Battery Charger: Compatible with selected LiPo batteries Traxxas offers the #2990 Completer Pack


Remote control

The truck uses a 2.4 GHz remote control that runs on 4 AA batteries. If you want to customize and add more modules then install their mobile app. You can view real-time telemetry through the app.

Design and durability

The truck is adorned with bold red and blue shades that give it a menacing look.  The truck is quite large for remote controlled cars of its class. It measures 29.8 X 21.3 X 13.8 inches with 8 inch high tires. This ensures that everyone notices your presence when you are cruising along boulders. The battery is safely secured for those bumpy rides through an inside snap-lock battery retainer. An additional slipper clutch absorbs shock and provides momentum to the truck.

Patented technology

This is a very attractive feature from Traxxas. Since you will be handling some tough terrain, the truck is bound to overturn. With the patented feature you just press the self-righting switch, and the truck gets back on its wheels in no time.

Traxxas 77076-4 X-Maxx

Performance and stability

The Traxxas X-Maxx comes with GTX shock absorbers that keep the truck stable when handling tough terrain. This is done in conjunction with the Traxxas Stability Management system. You can easily do backflips and roar through muddy waters. The extra 18 pounds of weight also helps the truck remain stable.

The 6S 22V dual-LiPo battery delivers an amazing speed of 35-mph. This is achieved through a powerful Velineon 1600 XL big block brushless motor. You may be apprehensive of the large size, but do not be fooled the truck handles amazingly well.

The truck comes with two cooling fans to keep the powerful motor alive. With a torque based center drive that absorbs most of the shock and evenly distributes then to all wheels. The truck is 4WD with amazing acceleration from all wheels.

To eliminate hook or straps, the truck has added a battery retention system. The additional shock tower serves as carrying handles and provide level support when you place the truck upside down during maintenance.

You will need at least two batteries of 5000 mAh as the monster truck is power hungry. Each of the batteries will give around 15 minutes of usage.


Besides the huge size, the truck handles almost any terrain that you throw it into. If you have a muddy truck or bushy surfaces, then you will love how this beast handles with ease. But, you may want to reconsider taking it to pavements or on-road as the grip was not that great. This is a purely off-road machine. The suspension system is built for off-road and cushions the truck from shocks.

Final thoughts

The Traxxas X Maxx is a truck in its own class. The truck beside its monstrous size is still able to handle rough terrain at high speeds with great maneuverability. It is a truck that announces its presence and should be every child’s dream toy. Traxxas has done a lot of upgrades from the previous models. Do not expect to handle the truck on-road as it lacks grip. The downside is that the truck is very power thirsty and you will need to batteries to satisfy the thirst.

Traxxas X Maxx











  • Waterproof components
  • Powerful motor that produces a top speed of 35 mph
  • The truck offers lots of upgrades from the pinion gears to springs
  • Traxxas stability management system for superior tuning
  • Bold colors give it a fantastic finish


  • Can be slippery on pavements and on-road
  • There is no room to upgrade the suspension
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